Shaun Kardinal

The next technique idea has been sourced from this photographer because as he incorporates geometric shapes carefully and effectively into his photos I liked how he also positions the geometric pattern to make it the focus of the photo. I was also interested in the type of colour that was also selected to contrast but also compliment the photo.

Shaun Kardinal is a self-taught mixed-media artist from Seattle, USA. Kardinal’s landscape photography is then further explored by embroidering on top of them in the Image result for shaun kardinal photographyformation of geometric shapes; he is also a video-producer and a sculptor. He used to do lot of collages before starting embroidery, as he would exchange small pieces with his friends by post. He was sent a hand-painted and stitched collage, so he decided to develop the idea and cut some postcards and stitch them together to make an abstract landscape and loved the result where he continued embroidering since. This is because he believes that his work on postcards reconstructs desire, giving it a fresh perspective and a modern twist.

Although he is a photographer he also uses work from second-hand shops in search of Image result for shaun kardinal photographyinspiration, this is where he gets his raw material from: vintage postcards, mostly of buildings and natural landscapes. These combinations of photography and embroidery are the result of a very neat and meticulous process. Not only does Shaun use thread to draw geometric figures on postcards, but also he is also extremely carefully with the thread he uses. The artist selects the thread colours according to the postcard’s colour-palette. This combination of colours highlights the landscape and creates beautiful connections between the thread and the picture. Kardinal’s embroidery is sophisticated and takes all forms: going from a very intricate rosette to a simple but still very delicate plain circle, passing through all kinds of geometric shapes like stars, triangles, diamonds, etc.


In relation to this photographer I have create edits of my own work based on the focus of the theme ‘landscape’. This can be seen from this edit because similar to the
new-sk-2.jpgphotographer I have produced this edit from using a variety of coloured embroidery thread with a connection of geometric shapes to make an overall pattern/design. I have chosen to do this because as I wanted a link between the theme of landscape and geometric shapes which would appear effectively similarly to this photographer. But instead of using landscape photos where the image was too bright and colourful like the photographer I had chosen to consider using landscape photos that were the majority of being dark, and I had done this so that when the embroidery was applied to the image the colours that I had selected would contrast the background image to help make it stand out to make it look more interesting. Developed Version: In the developed

sk2-2.jpgedit of the photographer I have incorporated the same idea and technique but applied it in a different way for example, as this photographer uses postcards to create his work on there’s only a corporation of one landscape photo. Therefore, to develop this idea further I had decided to use two very contrasting landscape photos in colour/ time of day which was then edited in Photoshop to be combined and linked with the usefulness of the geometric shape. After this I then chose to simply use a white thread so that it doesn’t overpower the whole image but helps compliment the combinations of photos which overall, I found to look very effective.

Based on this photographer I have created edits that are very similar to the photographer and it involved the idea of landscape with the technique of embroidering geometric shapes onto the landscape photo. I found that this photographer helped influence the idea of the photoshoot and the technique to apply but I also found that from using this photographer also made me aware of the technique that I was applying was a effective or detailed as I had hoped for therefore, created a better understanding of what I wanted to produce in another photoshoot.


Shaun Kardinal:




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